A Proactive Approach to Maintenance

G2F is a low cost ‘Proactive’ maintenance asset management tool reducing long-term maintenance costs, while providing short-term savings on oil, standard filter, downtime, waste oil and offering quick return on the capital investment. Common problems can be identified by the condition of the G2F Element.

Normal Element (A) – Changed at proper intervals, preventing contamination build-up, obtaining good system hygiene.
Contaminated Oil (B) – Element is light black in colour indicating a ‘higher than normal concentration of ultra-fine contamination is present in the oil.
Metal Dust Particles Present (C) – High concentration of metal dust – abnormal abrasion among sliding parts. Change element and sample oil to investigate source of wear.
Overdue Element Change (D) – Element is completely saturated with contamination, the media implodes, indicating the element is overdue for changing. Increase frequency of element change and monitor.
Excessive Water Contamination (E) – Element is cracked, spongy, and shrunken, indicating water is present in the oil.