Oil ‘Bypass’ Filtration for High Pressure Applications

  • Cleans oil 5 ISO grades cleaner than new unused oil
  • Reduces water concentration to less than 100 ppm
  • Maintains oil viscosity and acidity (TAN)
  • Prevents ‘fine-tolerance valves’ from sticking
  • Dramatically extends oil and hydraulic component life


Oil ‘Bypass’ Filtration for Low Pressure Applications

  • Prolongs oil with operation safety
  • Minimizes engine wear and prolongs component life
  • Reduces new-unused oil and full-flow Filter purchases
  • Reduces waste oil and waste oil disposal costs
  • Reduces downtime for oil maintenance

How does Bypass Work?

The oil passes through a 4 stage 1 micron Oil Bypass Filtration System, polishing the oil

What is it Used for?

Generation 2™ Oil Bypass Filtration Systems are designed to filter oil found in a wide range of applications including:

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