Doesn’t oil wear out?

Oil does not wear out, but it is the contamination in a system that depletes the additive package which in turn causes the oil to lose its quality and the need to be changed. A lubrication oil consists of two major parts, the Base Stock and the Additives. The Base Stock is the primary lubricant, and can be that of petroleum or synthetic. The Additives perform three basic jobs, holding the solids in suspension, neutralize acids with Anti Corrosive additives, as well as Anti Wear additives, which coat the surfaces to help reduce wear. The G2F system will filter particles of contamination down to 1 micron as well as water, which while extremely fine for a filter, is not fine enough to filter out any of the additives. Hence, the G2F system will effectively keep contamination far below levels that would have harmful effects on the oil quality.

Is bypass filtration an untested concept?

No! Bypass filtration has been used for a number of years. G2F has taken the iniative to recognize the changes of today’s standards and has addressed the needs and demands of the industry. G2F is designed and manufactured for today’s needs including “protecting the environment”. “G2F is caring today to safe guard tomorrow”.

If bypass filtration is so good why don’t manufacturers fit it as standard?

There are two basic reasons: First, by adding after-market products as factory equipment, they would increase the price of their products and take away from their competitive edge. Secondly, the manufacturers also plan to sell replacement parts etc. to the end-user. With the G2F system applied the components life is extended and a cleaner operation is the result.

Will the savings gained by extending oil changes justify the cost of Generation 2™?

Yes! So let us show you the difference … call us today to receive a complete ROI / Cost Calculation to show your investment pay back period… You will be impressed.

Will extending oil change intervals invalidate manufacturers’ warranty?

No! The mere addition of G2F Filtration Systems will not invalidate the warranty of the OEM. This is a common concern which we have heard for over the years. Engine oil change intervals are only “recommended” and the condition of the oil needs to be kept to certain minimum specifications during the warranty period. By using G2F Bypass Oil Filters and monitoring the oil by oil analysis, one can maintain a quality of oil which far exceeds these requirements. We have letters from the major manufacturers clearly stating that fitting Generation 2™ will not invalidate warranty.

How will I see the condition of my oil if its not being changed as much?

By incorporating G2F into your system requirements you will still be able to maintain control over the monitoring of the oil condition. In fact you will probably increase its exposure. When you change the G2F Element on your regularly schedule period your oil condition is monitored by the condition of the G2F Element. Should at any point your system have any fuel dilution or water problems it will be immediately noticeable and can be addressed in a timely manner. Pro-Active maintenance really does make sense, and Generation 2™ can be your first line of defence.

Why do I need additional filtration?

The reason for adding the G2F Filter to your existing system is to offer a means of polishing the oil, thereby allowing the system to operate on polished oil on a continuous basis.. The factory full flow filter has to handle 100% of the oil supplied to the system therefore it has too high of a flow rate to actually polish the oil properly. The factory filters will protect the equipment from large damaging particles. Particulates under the micron rated full flow filters cannot be trapped therefore causing havoc in the oil. Particles from 1 to 10 micron are main contributors to wear and the depletion of the oil additive package which interns destroys your equipment. G2F Filtration allows the oil to pass through a dense filter element media which offers 1 micron filtration to polish the oil but enabling the additive package to stay in tact.

What about solid contamination in a diesel engine?

In a diesel engine solid contamination is primarily fuel soot (carbon) from incompletely burned fuel blowing by the rings and valve guides. Some amount of solids is quite normal and is the cause of routine oil blackening as additives hold sized particles in suspension and carry these particles to the factory oil filter for removal. Most factory oil filters are only efficient to 20 microns. Most of these carbon particles are less than 2 microns. The G2F Filter will remove particles effectively down to 1 micron, catching these particles before they can do damage to the components.

Does the G2F system absorb water?

Yes! 99.97 % water is absorbed by the G2F Elements