Healthy Oil – No Problem

Generation 2™ elements remove water at 99.97% from oil, dramatically decreasing the formation of acids, diminishing the accelerated depletion of additives, keeping the Total Base Number (TBN) at a high level. By removing ultra-fine particles down to 1 micron, there is significantly less of a burden placed on the additives with less dirt to suspend, dramatically reducing mechanical wear while safely extending the oil change interval.

Contaminated Oil

Contaminated oil increases acid formation, particle build-up, varnish deposits, sludge deposits, acid pitting, corrosion, increased mechanical wear, accelerated viscosity breakdown, overheating, water contamination, poor oil circulation, oxidation and rapid additive depletion. G2F safeguards you against these problems.

Acid Formation

Typical Filter (A) – The need for constant neutralization of acids formed in the engine is the major factor for TBN breakdown.

Generation 2™ (B) – Generation 2’s ability to constantly remove water creates a virtually acid free engine significantly reducing the breakdown of the additives, minimizing corrosive action, and dramatically reducing the need to change the oil.

Particle Build-up

Typical Filter (C) – The constant build-up of fine particles held in suspension by the additives creates the need for regular oil changes.

Generation 2™ (D) – The constant cleaning action prevents any particle build-up and creates a much cleaner engine, dramatically reducing oil changes and mechanical wear.