A Proactive Approach to Maintenance

The G2F approach to maintenance replaces the ‘failure reactive’ philosophy with ‘failure proactive’ by implementing corrective measures to avoid problems you will eventually encounter. G2F is a low cost ‘Proactive’ maintenance asset management tool. It lowers long-term maintenances costs, while providing short-term savings on oil, standard filters, downtime, and waste oil. This offers a relatively quick return on the capital investment.

Some common engine problems can help be identified by the condition of the G2F element.

Normal Element (A) – Changed at proper interval, element removed high concentrations of soot/carbon, indicating normal engine wear.
Metal Dust Particles Present (B) – Indicating engine overload. Wear is taking place in metal component. Investigate source immediately.
Soot/Carbon Overload (C) – Higher than normal levels accumulated indicating possible overheating, engine overload, coolant system malfunction, or due to extreme element extension intervals.
Fuel Dilution (D) – Element will become dry and turn grey in colour, indicating fuel is present in the oil.
Coolant Leak (E) – Element is spongy and shrunken indicating water is present in the oil.