LP-Series for Low Pressure Applications

You need more than a standard oil and filter to extend engine life and time between oil changes. Particularly with the post 2009 engines having greater emission standards and while operating at higher temperatures, with much higher rates of contaminations. Standard oil filters are ‘full-flow’, meaning they filter ‘all’ the oil that enters the fine tolerances…

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HP-Series for High Pressure Applications

The HP-Series is designed to handle pressures up to 4,569 PSI/315 Bar, typically found in applications such as hydraulics and tranmissions. You need more than a good quality oil and standard filter to extend component life and time between oil changes. External contamination arises from many sources including contaminated ‘new unused oil’…

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Portable Filter Carts

To provide continuous filtration, a permanent installation of the G2F is recommended. However, the use of a Portable Filter Cart can be extremely beneficial to customer who are faced with a major contamination problem that needs to be rectified immediately while the equipment is down for repair. Simply connect the supply and return lines to the cart…

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