The HP-Series for high pressure applications up to 4,569 PSI/315 Bar. Model choice would depend upon the size of the oil pan/system capacity, rate of contamination, and the desired G2F Filter element change interval.

Model G2F-HP150 G2F-HP250 G2F-HP350
Oil Reservoir Capacity     250     800    1800
     66 gal    211 gal    475 gal
Flow Rates   1.5/min   2.2/min   3.8/min
   0.40 gal/min  0.58 gal/min  1 gal/min
gal = US gallon


Limited life-time warranty to the original purchaser for defects in workmanship and materials of the Filter canister only. Warranty is not transferable. Hose, adapters, and reusable ends are warranted by the original manufacturer. The use of a Generation 2 Filtration™ system does not affect original manufacture warranty. As technical advancements take place, product specifications maybe subject to change. L.B.S. Lubrication Units Inc. has been established since 1995.

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