Generation 2™ elements remove water at 99.97% from oil, dramatically decreasing the formation of acids, diminishing the accelerated depletion of additives, keeping the Total Base Number (TBN) at a high level. By removing ultra-fine particles down to 1 micron, there is significantly less of a burden placed on the additives with less dirt to suspend…

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Generation 2™ elements remove water at 99.97% from oil, significantly decreasing the formation of acids, keeping the Total Acid Number (TAN) low, diminishing the accelerated depletion of additives and formation of oxidation, varnish, sludge and gum deposits within the component, dramatically extending the life of the equipment and time between oil changes.

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G2F is a low cost ‘Proactive’ maintenance asset management tool reducing long-term maintenance costs, while providing short-term savings on oil, standard filter, downtime, waste oil and offering quick return on the capital investment. Common problems can be identified by the condition of the G2F element capital investment.

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Portable Filter Carts

Designed to clean oil fast and continuously, our portable filtration carts can Filter out ultra-fine contamination down to 1-micron with 99.97% water removal. We have a variety of carts to accommodate a wide range of flow rates and applications, including reclaiming industrial fluids such as: hydraulic oils, synthetic oils, lubricating oil, drawing oil, cutting oils….

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Water Glycol

Water Glycol has many critical functions. The fluid is used to transmit power, lubricate, seal and transfer heat. As it is used and reused it begins to absorb contaminants such as chips, fines, and bacteria. As these contaminants build up and pass through the hydraulic system, problems will start to occur. Valves will start to leak, orifices and ports will get…

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